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BreAst AugmentatioN

Thousands of women have improved their appearance and gained more confidence thanks to the breast augmentation. If you are aware of the size of your breasts, increasing breasts offer you the chance to get better shaped, fuller breasts using the latest techniques in the cosmetic surgery. We invite you to arrange a consultation in the Derma Clinica where you will have the opportunity to see how you may look after the surgery and can discuss your wishes.


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Women choose breast augmentation to enhance their appearance, strengthen their confidence and reduce self-criticism. These are the typical problems of an aesthetic nature that patients want to correct:
• Breasts after puberty have not developed to the desired size.
• Bigger breasts provide a balance in relation to the stronger/more developed lower body to provide the appearance of an hourglass.
• The breasts are pointed, flat or some other form that is not desired for our patient.
• Breast reduction after weight loss or pregnancy/lactation.
• Reduced strength due to physical changes such as aging.
• Asymmetrical breasts in terms of size or shape.
• Reconstruction of the breast after mastectomy.

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