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Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Correction of protruding ears is among the most common procedures in aesthetic and corrective surgery. Deformity of the ear in terms of protruding is the most common hereditary anomaly among the many strains on the outer part of the ear. It is noticed immediately after birth, and later, especially during puberty, creating deep dissatisfaction. Correction of ear deformity, before enrolling a child in school, can spare the emotional trauma caused by other children teasing him because of ears sticking out of hair.

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before and after
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Am I a candidate?

Children are solid candidates for plastic surgery once they are five years old. At five, the cartilage of the ear is stable enough to be fixed with plastic surgery. The child must also be healthy, and not suffer from any chronic health conditions that would inhibit healing. Untreated chronic ear infections will also make a child a poor candidate for surgery. A young child must also be able to understand instructions and be cooperative, as the healing process will require an adherence to instructions regarding the aftercare once the surgery has been completed.
Adults and teens are good candidates for surgery if:
They are healthy and do not suffer from life-threatening or chronic conditions that would impede healing.
They do not smoke. Smoking causes problems with the healing process, and an otoplasty candidate will not be considered if they smoke cigarettes.
They can identify specific goals for the surgery and have an optimistic outlook on what they can expect from the procedure.

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