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Face Lift

Facial skin is exposed to all elements and harmful substances from the environment due to which, facial skin ages faster. While other parts of the body are covered by clothing, the face is always exposed to view, so we are the most sensitive to changes that are reflected in our face.

Initial signs of aging are first seen in the reduction of elasticity of the skin and relaxation of facial muscles, the appearance of fine lines, emphasis of the natural folds of the face and changes in the contours of the face. Facelift is now a very successful procedure for removing and mitigating these changes, and the effect of a rejuvenated look lasts more than five years. After the expiry of this period, the face will still look better than it would look without surgery.

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The surgery is performed when there are present signs of aging such as pronounced wrinkles, hanging skin, loss of tone in the previous contour of the face, namely the face "falls" and takes a sad look. Candidates for surgery are usually persons aged between 40 and 60 years.

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