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HigH DefinitioN BoDy SculptiNg

Defined abdominal muscles, shaped chest, muscular arms, or beautiful hips are not necessarily achieved by workout only.

Body shaping takes on a new dimension in aesthetic surgery. We are no longer talking only about VASER Lipo ultrasound liposuction to remove excess fat.

Modern body shaping primarily represents an individual approach, a combination of accurate liposuction, and creation of a ‘muscle’ with its own fat.

The so-called “High Definition Body Sculpting” is a new method for both men and women, as it removes fat from one place and distributes it to another area we want to shape, thus creating natural contours on the muscles, resulting in a sporty and shaped body.

Due to its specificity and complexity, very few professional plastic surgeons specialize in performing this procedure. 

Body Sculpting


Am I a candidate?

Good candidates for High Definition Sculpting of the body are people with an active lifestyle who work out regularly but cannot lose fat in certain areas.
They have a lower body weight, a body mass index below 28 and watch their diet.
Candidates may have a volume shortage on a specific part of the body and volume can be added using this method.
High Definition Sculpting of the body is intended for both men and women. However, shaping in women is still performed moderately, due to different perception of beauty.

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