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The desire for facial rejuvenation has been known since ancient civilizations. Historians tell us more about how the women in ancient Egypt, including Cleopatra, bathed in sour milk and rubbed their faces with fermented grape skins to soften their skin.

The natural process of skin renewal changes and slows down with age and sometimes it looks gray and tired, with decreased elasticity. Chemical peeling removes old skin cells and thus encourages the growth of the new one, in order to make skin brighter, healthier and more beautiful.

SkiN PeeliNg


Am I a candidate?

The doctors in our clinic will examine your skin and make a decision on the type of peeling which should be carried out. If you are pregnant or you are breastfeeding, suffering from immunosuppressive disease (systemic lupus, scleroderma), if there is less than 6 months that you are underwent surgery, radiation or laser treatment in the region where peeling will be implemented then you are not a candidate for this type of treatment.

If you have an active infection with herpes on the lips, the procedure should be postponed. In case you are taking isotretinoin, a procedure should be delayed till 6 months after surcease of using medicaments.

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