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tAttOO & Scar reMovaL

Various scars distort the appearance of our body, regardless of where they are. Scars can develop differently and vary in shape, color and appearance. They arise as a result of injury or surgical intervention, and are the product of the human body capacity to heal. Scars can interfere with the normal function of the body and cause a restriction of a movement due to shrinkage and the tension of the skin. Furthermore, tattooing emphasizes personality and attitudes. But as the times change, our attitudes and thinking, tattoos often become unwanted and we decide to remove them.

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Am I a candidate?

Those who easily get scars, have autoimmune diseases or take certain medications are not good candidates. Also, people who have applied metallic shiny colors (often car enamel) to enhance the shine and pearly effect of the tattooed skin are not good candidates for removal.

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